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REVIVE: Signs Following

"So step out in faith, find Jesus in the word of God and follow Him - run after after Him will you have, in reckless abandon, pursue the heart of Jesus and you can be assured in all confidence that if you do that signs will follow."

June 2021

YOUTH EVENT: Drawing Closer To God

"It is not then what God DOES that should cause us to draw closer to Him, but the realization of who He IS and our desire to want to know Him more!"

February 2021 - ONLINE

REVIVE- Starting Over

There is no greater story about starting over in scripture than the story of the Gospel. The call to salvation is also the call to freedom!

September 2020 - ONLINE

REVIVE - Great Expectations

What happens when we feel we have unmet expectations of God? How do we work through that? What does it mean for us when God leaves us to continue walking through hard times?

October 2019 - REVIVE

What does it mean to love God with all you have? Are we prepared to give God our all, or are we comfortable just with Him having our most? This selection of moments from this amazing an uplifting event are shared in this video. 

June 2019 - Women Speakers Collective

We have a God who rescues, restores and redeems...but we also have a God who faithfully sustains us through every valley. Shared as part of the Women Speaker's Collective hosted by Danielle Strickland in Toronto, ON

Spring 2019 

Keynote message from "Raise Them Up". An event designed to encourage and lift up young women by reminding them how much God loves them. (abridged)

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