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Anchored In Truth

What are we holding onto? What is holding us steady? Where are we anchored when the storms of life come? In a world where it seems like there are infinite truths and we are told to "live our own truth", where are we tethered?

During Lent we often reflect on giving up and letting go. We consider what we can release as we refocus on the one true anchor that can hold us firm in any storm and protect us from breaking into pieces - God. As Easter nears might we allow the weight of Good Friday and the joy of Easter Sunday to permeate our hearts and minds as we lean deep into God and ask Him to prepare us as only He can.

Then, as we open our hearts to God's preparation let us be women who seek Him where He is found, in the only truth that is, and was and always will be - the word of God. The pages of scripture are the revelation of the character and will of God, and so in the coming days we can offer our hearts by diving deep into the pages of the Bible. As we pour over scripture and invite the Spirit to open our eyes to the incredible beauty and truth that lay within, we can only imagine what might happen in our lives, our families, our communities and the world if as women of this nation and daughters of the Most High God, we determine that when the world comes at us and the storms begin to rage that we will turn to the truth of scripture and dig our anchors deeper into God.

If we are anchored in a building that we call church it will not hold; if we are anchored in people, even good people, they are broken and they are bound to let us down or disappoint; if we are anchored in our position; if we are anchored in our stuff; if we are anchored in an income; if we are anchored in our beauty; if we are anchored in our intelligence; if we are anchored in what we do or how do we serve - it does not matter! None of those, not one, will hold us fast when the storms of life begin to stir. The only thing that will get us through is to be anchored in the word of God because that is where we will find the truth and that is where we will find Him.

This Lenten season as we reflect on what we should be holding onto, perhaps we also need to ask, what are we unwilling to let go of? What truth are we unwilling to hear? What are we unwilling to give up? Because so long as our hands are reaching or grasping at something else, we cannot fully hold onto the God, the solid rock of truth that we all so desperately need. Maybe this year is the year to lay it all down, to release control, to make less of ourselves and to give Him our all?

Might we journey these coming days anchored deep in the word of God, inviting the spirit to open out hearts and minds to what God is saying through His truth and when Easter arrives might we find ourselves laying prostrate at the foot of the cross letting go of it all and releasing everything we are holding onto, understanding anew that at the end of the day, whatever storms may come, if we are anchored in Jesus and He is all that we are left with - He is all that we ever need and more than we ever deserve.

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